Superintendent's Message



          Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital is the first ESIS hospital in the country. Medical Insurance as part of social security is an old idea; however, our hospital along with ESIS was established in 1962. This was a brain child of eminent luminaries including Pandit Nehru, JRD Tata, trustees of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Bombay Mill owner’s association, ESIC and the government of Bombay. This hospital has successfully provided medical care to insured patients and their families for nearly 60 years. We have seen glorious days of plenty and had our share of bad times too. Despite shortage of funds and infrastructure the doctors of our hospital along with the staff have endeavoured to provide the best possible patient care.

           The last two years has seen ESIC venturing into the field of Medical education, resulting in the continuing development of a Post Graduate teaching institute under the able leadership and guidance of our dean Dr.(Mrs.) Nilima Kshirsagar. This has led to massive reconstruction and renovation along with a major up gradation of equipment. We have also been joined by teaching staff and other specialists with wide experience in their respective fields. Therefore, even as I welcome the first batch of Post graduates, I can proudly say that we are well on the way to becoming a top notch tertiary specialized medical care centre. Our motto is in tune with the motto of ESIC “Insured patient (IP) is Very Important Person(VIP).

           We are going through major upheavals and any change results in hardships and disturbances. However, no progress is possible without change. As a medical superintendent holding additional temporary charge, I along with my administration will do our utmost to tide over and smoothen all the problems arising from these changes. 
I take this opportunity to welcome the doctors who have been chosen to get trained in our hospital. We will do our utmost to give you the best training possible and make your tenure a pleasurable learning experience.